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  • Jon Ellis


There are those among us who feel uncomfortable receiving. Whether it is in the form of assistance, a gift, a compliment or even love. These same people have no challenge giving the shirt off their own back, or helping others, but should the situation be reversed, they would rather perish from the cold then to ask for help or accept the gift from another. Maybe it is a prideful ego, a control issue, or maybe it is fear that they will owe someone. I was once such a person held back and limited by my ego. Whether we are uncomfortable giving or receiving, until we can both ‘give’ and ‘receive’, we will not find contentment or balance in life.

In this world of polarity, life runs in waves, cycles, in seasons and in tides and flows. Giving and receiving are natural cycles as well. When they are in balance, we are in balance. It is said, ‘In order to receive love, we must first give love’. This is not only a spiritual truth, but an operating life principle. Regardless of our intention, the more love we give, the more we will receive. Whether we are aware of it or not, from the ant to the elephant, we are all receiving continuous waves of life sustaining unconditional Divine Love from our Creator, but most of us are unaware of this and still feel lonely, disconnected and unloved. Our very existence and consciousness depend on this Divine flow. Should it be cut off, we would simply not ‘Be’…

Being a coworker or steward with life is much like being a successful gardener or farmer. Sure, we can nourish a few plants in a small garden using a watering can but imagine trying to water a whole field that way. The river of light, Sound and Love from our Creator is limitless, boundless. There are a lot of thirsty plants and ground to cover in this world. Wouldn’t a hose or a sprinkler be a better vehicle to water than a small watering can?

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